BChains are virtual platforms that serve different business niches

They allow you to set up a complete ecommerce system with Mobile App attached in a couple of days, by incorporating user, wallet, payment and fee management.

Statistics show us that digital payment systems will increase volumes up to 80% in the next 10 years.

This make your business online presence mandatory in order to ensure existence.
If you want your own BChain or have a great idea to apply for, just let us know.


The digital menu is not a new concept, but the way we developed it completely changes consumer habits. It changes them for the better and saves you time. Ordering, paying, splitting checks with friends - BGourmet allows you to do it all in a minute, even without the help of your credit card.


Enjoy trading with digital currencies. Our platform is licensed for keeping your wallets safe and exchanging your funds. Access our platform here: BTrade


The BPay systems covers the utility bill payment functionality and can be accessed separately here.


Our pool system is active on the main platform and on every Bchain. Under your account you will find the code of your Pool which you can share with friends in order to benefit from bonuses applied to every transaction.